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Welcome to this service system operated by Sigknow Biomedical (hereinafter referred to as “SIGKNOW”, “we”, “us”, “our”). SIGKNOW is committed to protecting and respecting your personal identifiable information (PII) when you use our service. The Privacy Protection Policy explains the principles of how we collect, process, and use your personal information as well as the scope and purpose of our data collection.

1. Scope of Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy covers all the personal information collected through our service and website. This Policy does not apply to websites or interactions outside SIGKNOW’s service, nor the personnel or suppliers that are not authorized by us.

2. Collection, Process, and Use of Personal Information
(1) When you use our service, you will be requested to provide necessary personal information according to the types of service you use. Without your active consent, your personal data will not be disclosed or used by third parties or for other purposes.
(2) When you use SIGKNOW’s system, we will automatically record our user behavior, including browsing, time and duration, operating system, types of information accessed, etc., for the purpose of improving the service quality of SIGKNOW. We guarantee that your personal data remains within SIGKNOW and will not be exposed to the public.

3. Protection of Personal Information
Our server is equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems, and other cybersecurity measures to protect SIGKNOW’s service and your personal information. We ensure that your personal information can only be accessed by the authorized personnel or suppliers who have signed confidentiality contracts. Any violation of confidentiality will receive a penalty by law.
When our service is appointed to a third-party supplier under some circumstances, we will ensure you that the counterpart will strictly comply with confidentiality agreements and other related laws to protect your personal data. We will implement legal measures if there is any personal information breach or potential exposure of unauthorized confidential data.

4. Link to Third-Party Websites
Our server allows you to link to third-party websites and may contain links to other websites. However, our Privacy Protection Policy takes no responsibility for the content of such third-party websites. You must refer to their privacy protection policies to understand your rights.

5. Sharing with Third Parties
SIGKNOW does not provide, exchange, rent or sell any personal information to other individuals, groups, companies, or government agencies, except for the following situations: 
(1) Your active consent.
(2) Provisions for judicial units or relevant authorities in legal investigations.
(3) Avoid endangering your life, body, freedom, or property.
(4) Corporate with authorities or academic research organizations out of public interest. You are guaranteed that your personal information will not be identified by those parties.
(5) Your behavior violates the terms of service, damages the system, or hinders the rights and interests of other users. We will take necessary legal measures by analyzing and disclosing your personal information by law.
(6) Corporate with our contracted suppliers to collect, process or use your personal data if necessary.

6. Use of Cookies
SIGKNOW uses cookies to help us provide better service quality. If you want to disable cookie writing on our website, you can change the privacy level to high in the browser setting to reject cookie writing, but certain functions of SIGKNOW service may not be fully available.

7. Changes to The Policy
The Policy may be revised at any time in order to comply with legal requirements or to implement our services. We advise you to browse our Policy from time to time to understand your rights. Whenever there is a major modification, we will post it on this service system.

8. Contact
If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about this Privacy Protection Policy, you are welcome to contact us.

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